Game Normal Cartoon: Rigby - Rider online


Game Normal Cartoon: Rigby - Rider online.

Well, Rigby doesn't live in peace. Today, they and Masl Men have come up with a completely unimaginable undertaking. Rigby saddled the Oil Men and the heat started. In the game "Normal Cartoon: Rigby - Rider", you are waiting for her another trip! Raccoon screams, sound effects and stimulating music will give you adrenaline. You will rush on Oil Men through an abandoned landfill, now and then bumping into different objects: refrigerators, boxes, gas cylinders, pipes and other old trash. Oil Men can ram everything with his forehead without harm, but you need to jump over all things, otherwise no health will be enough. Using the mouse, you can do regular and double jumps. To cross the pipe, you need to hang on the side of the Oil Mena by pressing the spacebar. Collect multi-colored cards and you can get bonuses: increase energy, a super jump or a deadly guitar. But to replenish the supply of bonus points you just need to collect tin cans all the way. Good luck

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