Game Normal Cartoon: Lost Heart online


Game Normal Cartoon: Lost Heart online.

The harmful raccoon Rigby stole a Mordec heart. This beautiful statuette of the heart, Mordecai wanted to give to Margaret, the robin with whom he was in love. But Rigby stole the figurine without the slightest twinge of conscience. Here so comrade. But the mordecai does not give up and goes in search of Rigby and the heart. In the game "Lost Heart", you will help your character from the cartoon "Normal Cartoon" to overcome a very long and dangerous path. Mordecai himself will run without stopping, and you must keep track and not let him fall into the abyss. Collect all the hearts and earn points along the way. Do not fall under the fire of Rigby and jump on his head to defuse. You must help Mordecai and find a heart to please Margaret. Have a good game!

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