Game Normal Cartoon: Strike in the Park online


Game Normal Cartoon: Strike in the Park online.

Well, let's play? In the game "Strike in the Park", you will take part in a bowling contest. You have the opportunity to play for your favorite character: Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips or Pops. Each of them grabbed his best bowling gear. You can test your strength in single player mode or challenge a friend in dual player mode. Now let's talk about the rules of our competition. Use balls of the same color as the pins to explode. The bigger, the better. Try to collect the pins in blocks to earn more points during the explosion. Exploding pins, you send anti-skittles to the opponent. Anticeglia are pins with a counter. When it is zeroed, antichegles become common. Antikegli can be removed only by removing the pins nearby. With the help of a department store, you can blow up pins of any color. If the pins touch the ceiling of the game, you lose. Have a good game!

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