Game Game Great Flight for Halloween online


Game Game Great Flight for Halloween online.

They say that miracles do not happen. But not in the animated series "Normal Cartoon". Mordecai, Rigby and their comrades now and then look for miracles on their own head, which, by the way, are regularly found. Today, the hero of the evening will be one of the most powerful heroes of the "Normal Cartoon" - Mas Men. On Halloween night, he went to a festive carnival. Among the abundance of attractions and tents with sweets, he liked the machine "Desire Artist". As soon as Mas Men made a wish, the machine came to life and gave the guy a magical catapult. Now, Mas Men can truly fly. In the game "Great Flight for Halloween", you help Masl Menu fly to the very top of the city. But just stock up with courage and patience, because at the top you will find the most incredible and most terrible monsters. Halloween all the same! Try to climb as high as possible and not run into monsters. If you fall and fall, then try to destroy the maximum number of undead. Have a good game!

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