Game Game Ninja Escape - Dojo online


Game Game Ninja Escape - Dojo online.

Rigby, as always, distinguished himself and bought a pirate disc with a cool video game. Like Mordecai did not try to make his friend change his mind. All in vain. In anticipation, Rigby launched the disc and was immediately pulled into the game. Now the non-travel raccoon will have to get out. The main question is how to do this. In the game "Escape and Ninja - Dojo", you will need to help Rigby return to reality. To do this, you need to completely complete the game. The game consists of thirty levels. In each level you have to crush all the ninjas and not stumble upon deadly pieces. Using the mouse, you can control the raccoon jumping and get to the portal to the next level. Throughout the game, you will be helped and prompted by Rigby's best friend - Mordecai. He will fly on a cloud and explain to you what's what. Have a good game!

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