Game Normal Cartoon: Save Mordecai online


Game Normal Cartoon: Save Mordecai online.

The guys came to their favorite cafe for lunch. They chatted about theirs, drank coffee, when the Night Owl burst in and abducted Mordecai. To top it all, he also left his servants on guard so that no one would pursue the chase. But Rigby did not stop it and he recovered for the Owl. In the game "Save Mordecai", you will participate in the operation to save his best friend. There are three levels ahead and a bunch of enemies. With each level, the enemies will become stronger and stronger, but you are far from weak. Knock out enemies or kick until you knock out the spirit out of them. In the lower block of the game, you will see the health tape of Rigby and his enemies. Watch her closely and control your character’s health. At the end of the third level, you will have a battle with the main boss of the game - Night Owl. Destroy him and save Murdochai. Have a good game!

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