Game Game Normal Cartoon: Killer Z online


Game Game Normal Cartoon: Killer Z online.

Mordecai and Rigby spent the next Saturday evening playing video games. Unfortunately Mordecai, a friend could beat him, and even set a new record. After the raccoon left, he decided to surpass Rigby and break his record. Mordecai spent almost the whole night on the game, but he fell asleep in the morning. And he found himself in an unknown place. As it turned out, this place was an alternative universe called "Killer Z". But how to get out of there and return home? To do this, go through this whole world and defeat the Big Five boss and the Rigby boss. To get started, go to the Tutorial House - this is a workout. There, Pops will give you a few tips and pull in the game. If the training is over, you can proceed to the first level. The inhabitants of this world are very similar to your friends, but in reality they are demons that need to be destroyed. After themselves, they leave coins. Collect them and replenish your treasury of bonus points. And to get an extra bonus, look for amulets that can give you special abilities. It is also worth collecting batteries. They are very useful to you when you meet a wizard. For one battery, it teleports you further. Sometimes, stone blocks block your path. In this case, find the golden statue of Rigby, destroy it and the blocks will disappear. Beware of iron spikes, seething acid, fireballs and falling blocks.

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