Game Normal Cartoon: Save from Zombies online


Game Normal Cartoon: Save from Zombies online.

What could be better than an evening in a movie theater, at a horror marathon. Mordecai and Rigby, just watched another horror and chewed popcorn, as something happened to the screen. Zombies poured out of him in droves! The real zombie apocalypse has begun! Screaming people began to run away, and the living dead behind them. Rigby and Mordecai quickly assessing the situation, decided to act. Raccoon armed with a stick, and his friend with cores. True, no one knows where he got them. In the game "Save from Zombies", you need to kill a whole detachment of the walking dead and prevent them from reaching the audience in the hall. Your arsenal will have 100 cores and endless stick hits. But remember that while Rigby will beat the zombies, he must collect bonuses. But after each race, you need to give the raccoon a break. If you get a bonus - you can replenish or change ammunition. Just do not let the zombies get to people, otherwise you will lose. Good luck

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