Game Game Normal Cartoon: Racing online


Game Game Normal Cartoon: Racing online.

Mordecai and Rigby bought a new video game "Racing". Arriving home, they played for 72 hours to set new records. and then something unimaginable happened abruptly - Mordecai and Rigby dragged into the game portal. To return, they need to go through all the tracks first. Will you help them Then, you are waiting for a crazy and cool race. To participate in the race, you need a car and a racer. Six players participate in the race: Rigby, Mordecai, Mas Men, Margaret, Pops, Skips. But the first track, you can drive only with Rigby. The remaining riders will be available only after successfully completing each track. The car of each rider has three indicators: speed, acceleration and power. Guided by them, you can finish the winner. Collect coins to spend them in the garage on various racing lotions. You have three types of secret tricks: defensive, attacking and speedy. The higher your level, the more powerful your tricks. Reade set Go. Let's go!

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