Game Game Normal Cartoon: Paintball online


Game Game Normal Cartoon: Paintball online.

It will be hot now! In the game "Paintball", you will find a real war. Benson threatened with dismissal if Mordecai and Rigby refused to take part in a game organized for the whole city. The guys have no choice but to accept the battle. First, select a battlefield, and then choose a player - Rigby or Mordecai. Oil Mena, you can choose only when you earn 1000 gold coins. There are only three teams: the Skips team is red, the Benson team is blue, and the Pops team is green. You, of course, are in Benson's team. What color is the team, such is the color of paintball shells. Be careful, because enemies scurry around and want to get into you. Hide behind barricades so you won't be killed. You can both shoot enemies and throw bombs at them. But the number of bombs is limited, as, in fact, the game time. Try to color as many enemies as possible in order to earn more coins and spend them in a military store at the end of the level. To battle!

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