Game Game Electric Piano online


Game Game Electric Piano online.

Mordecai and Rigby again ran into another mess. These restless guys went on an excursion to the moon. There, friends lagged behind the main group and began to inspect the craters. In one of them a surprise awaited them. There conveniently perched loudly snoring the Moon Monster. Mordecai and Rigby were very happy about their find and decided to get closer and woke up the monster. In the game "Electric Piano", you must help the guys to escape from the monster and not become his dinner. To do this, you need to accurately repeat all the musical combinations that will be demonstrated on the electric piano. Only the right combination can save the guys, because it will be followed by a strong electric discharge right into the monster. If, however, you are mistaken, then the Lunar Beast will be able to run closer and closer. The fate of restless adventurers from the movie "Normal Cartoon" depends only on you. Good luck

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