Game Game Galactic Escape online


Game Game Galactic Escape online.

In the game "Galactic Escape", you will go on a real space mission. The evil doctor took hostage friends of Rigby and Mordecai. Eileen, Mas Men, Pyaternya, Pops, Benson and Skips are trapped by the doctor in the form of a slot machine. Now the guys need to demonstrate all their skills in computer games and save their comrades. Ready? Then, forward to conquer space. Jump onto your ship, which is fully equipped with different types of weapons: missiles, bombs, lasers and more. You have to get to the doctor's space station through meteor showers and placers of asteroids. Around you will be not only space debris, but also many enemies. You have to destroy flying eyes, shuttles and more. After destruction, they will leave medical aid and new charges for your ship. At the end of each level, you can improve the characteristics of your spaceship in the Eileen virtual store for earned bonuses. Have a good game!

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