Game Normal Cartoon: Forgotten Earth online


Game Normal Cartoon: Forgotten Earth online.

A quiet and peaceful life is clearly not for Mordecai and Rigby. They got into the next binding. They were pulled into a spatial hole and thrown far - far away, into the forgotten lands. So in the game "Forgotten Earth", your main task is to return home. In order to complete the level to the end, you need to find all the masks and return them to the totem. Only one mask can be returned in one trip. You will play two characters at once - Mordecai and Rigby. Therefore, you can play with friends. But the most interesting thing is that if the mask is at the top, you can get to it by forcing Mordecai and Rigby to fart. With the help of a fart, you can climb onto various ledges and platforms. Prove that there is no trouble from which there is no way out. Have a good game!

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