Game Game Velorigby 2: Cursed Cross online


Game Game Velorigby 2: Cursed Cross online.

Well, here again, Rigby got into trouble! This time, the guy was rude to the Halloween Wizard and immediately paid for it. The wizard turned him into a bicycle and sent him into the world of dreams. As soon as he got there, he immediately regretted his deed, but that did not help. Now you need to get out. In the game "Velorigby 2: Damned Cross", you, together with the hero of the show "Normal Cartoon" Rigby, will go to a surreal world. Around everything will be absolutely unreal, abnormal and incredible. You have to ride this eccentric world in search of the Five. Five is the fellow of Mas Mena, which in appearance resembles a ghost with five on the top of the head. Once you find the three Fives, then the level will be completed. Only your speed, agility and quick reaction will help you here. The crazy atmosphere and unusual atmosphere will do the trick. Ready? Go ahead for the adventure!

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