Game Normal Cartoon: Monster Clash online


Game Normal Cartoon: Monster Clash online.

The Battle of the Beasts is just a colossal duel. This is a destructive duel of huge iron robots. Today, you will be a direct participant in it. You can play for one of six teams. Each team has its own giant robot. The team Mordecai and Rigby have a duckbill robot; the LP and SP teams have a High Video counter; the Margaret team has the Guardian of Secrets; the Sorcerer's team has a Warlock robot; the Otmorozko team has Snowworm; The Goose Collector's team has the Evil Robot Duck. Robots have two main criteria - power and speed. Based on them, making a choice will be easier. Each giant has its own arsenal of punches. Using the keys, you can strike with your fists and legs, kick and perform super mega crushing blows. To win the battle, you need to knock out an opponent in two rounds. But in order to win the Battle of the Beasts, you need to defeat all opponents. To battle!

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