Game Normal Cartoon: Fist of Fury 2 online


Game Normal Cartoon: Fist of Fury 2 online.

Ready to wave a little and wave your fists? Then, welcome to the game "Normal Cartoon: Fist of Fury 2". Today Mordecai and Rigby are waiting for a new epic. This time, the Night Owl with its henchman attacked the guys. He sent his soldiers to destroy Mordecai and Rigby, but it will be very difficult, because you will help the guys. Against such an opponent, even the formidable Night Owl will not stand. Now let's get started. Before you rush into battle, you must choose your character - Rigby or Mordecai. But Margaret and Skips will be inaccessible until you make an effort to unlock them. Each character has its own indicators and you should be guided by them when choosing your hero. Ahead of you is a long journey with a huge number of opponents. Punks, unicorns, hooligans, orcs, destroyers and other unpleasant personalities will constantly interfere with you. Try to hit them first and not let them hook you. Some monsters will be armed with flower bouquets, hammers - tweeters, baguettes, brooms, fireballs and other dangerous things. If you manage to bring down the enemy to the ground, then he will release his weapon, and you will be able to raise it and thoroughly hack offender. Ready to have fun and punish all cranks? Then go ahead!

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