Game Normal Cartoon: Fury Strike online


Game Normal Cartoon: Fury Strike online.

It was an ordinary spring day. In my favorite cafe, there was just a change of Margaret. Mordecai could not miss the opportunity to see the beauty and went for a lunch break in a cafe. He and Rigby made an order and then Night Owl burst into the room and kidnapped Margaret. Mordecai and Rigby know only one way to stop him - deadly tricks. They set off to save Margaret. In the game "Normal Cartoon: Blows of Fury", you will be involved in a real carnage. To get started, choose your character: Rigby raccoon, Mordecai blue jay, or both of them. The game has three levels. The first level is the Restaurant in the Park, the second is the Den of Blondes, and the third is the Museum. At the end of each level, a boss fight will await you. But before meeting with him, you will need to knock out the spirit of his servants and guards. With every hit, your rage increases. And when it will be to the fullest, you can use your crown blow of rage and destroy several enemies at once. Watch the health tape. If you get weaker, then look for a pack of sausages and health will return to normal. Good luck Management for the first player:
Management for the second player:

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