Game Monsters - Baggage Sort online


Game Monsters - Baggage Sort online.

During the holidays, the monsters decided to come to rest at the Transylvania Hotel, which is designed specifically for them. Count Dracula prepared all the rooms, and also ordered that a special department be created in which sorting of luggage of hotel guests will be done. In this game you can become a real helper of monsters and will sort all the luggage. So before you will be three large descents of red, blue and yellow. Different bags and luggage descend on them. Your task is that you need to direct luggage to the department that matches the color of the bag. For example, if a yellow bag is traveling from the red section, then all the fences must be closed so that the bag falls into the yellow section. Everything is very simple, only you need to work very quickly, because the speed in the game will increase and you need to re-sort all the luggage. Monsters will be very happy for your help.

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