Game Game Researchers Liner online


Game Game Researchers Liner online.

Friends, here we again met with the inhabitants of the most unusual hotel in the world "Transylvania". This time, Mavis decided to surprise her father, the formidable Count Dracula, and now the whole family goes on a cruise ship trip. This trip promises to be the most memorable, full of vibrant events and exciting adventures. In the game "Explorer Liner" you have to search the entire ship in search of friends and members of the vampire family. Before you start, you have to choose a game mode: easy, medium or difficult. Your character will be a charming red-haired kid Dennis. You need to help him find his loved ones and collect gold coins. It will be so exciting! You will wander around a large cruise ship, turn into a bat and fly through pipes, bypass holes and just have fun. You will need to find: Count Dracula, Mavis, Jonathan, Jelly, Frankenstein, Volfich, the mummy of Murray, the wolfs of Vinnie and Voldemar. In the game you need to find three. Who will be them depends only on the complexity mode. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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