Game Game Remove Masyanya 2 online


Game Game Remove Masyanya 2 online.

We present to your attention the second part of the game - "Remove Masyanya". As in the previous game, your main task will be to kill all the Masyan that will appear in front of you. Most likely this game was created by people who are already tired of Masyanya and they wanted to end it once and for all. You are given only 30 rounds with which you can kill Masyanya. Try not to miss and hit exactly the head. Also, be careful, because besides Masyanya, other residents will also run around the yard who have not done you any harm, so you do not shoot at them. You have only one goal - Kill Masyanya. The game may not make you feel very good, so if you didn’t like playing the first time, then you should not continue, because the pictures ahead will be even worse.

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