Game Game Masyanya DJ online


Game Game Masyanya DJ online.

An extraordinary girl named Masyanya got a job as a DJ at a well-known recording studio in Moscow. Since Masyanya loves nightclubs and dances before the tour, she thought that playing music would be very simple. But everything turned out to be wrong! In the room where Masyanya will work a lot of different equipment that needs to be studied in order to create musical masterpieces. The first few times, Masyanya managed to produce only a few sounds, which her bosses did not like very much. Therefore, all hope is only on you. Help Masyani become a real DJ so that her tracks and music news become hits and they are played in all discos. This will be the biggest achievement in the life of this unusual girl. So that she was not bored, she invited her husband, because he reads rap well. You just need to click on the different buttons that you see in front of you. Create real music masterpieces that many lovers of modern music will remember for a long time. Good luck

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