Game Game Masyanya under the Yellow Press online


Game Game Masyanya under the Yellow Press online.

Today you will meet again with the most impudent and unusual girl named Masyanya. Just look at Masyanya and you will immediately understand what kind of person she is. In order not to go gray all day at home and not watch TV Masyanya decided to get a job on a robot. Of all the offers, she liked only one thing, the editor in the local yellow press. The girl immediately went for an interview and, oddly enough, she was taken. In the evening, her boss called the girl and gave the task to go home to the Moscow psychic home and take a few pictures of the ghost that she caught. From this moment on, the most interesting part begins, Masyan will have great adventures in which she will always look for some clues and clues to reveal all the secrets. But for this she will need your help. Try to always be together with Masyanya to support her at a difficult moment. Look for various items around the house so that Masyanya becomes the best journalist and her articles are published under the yellow press. To start the game, follow these steps:

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