Game Mr. Bean: Fun at the Barber Shop online


Game Mr. Bean: Fun at the Barber Shop online.

Where Mr. Bean, there is one joke, but it gets worse when these jokes are transferred to the territory of the hairdresser. Mr. Bean does not need to be bored in line with a hairstylist, so he decides to have fun by making a joke at the hairdresser. While the hairdresser is distracted by something, Mr. Bean will create his hairstyle for the client, so scary that the specialist will be deprived of his license for inattention, but this is Mr. Bean - he can forgive every joke. And your task is to help Bin with his slightly cruel joke. Try to spoil the boy’s hairstyle only when the hairdresser is distracted, otherwise, having noticed, Bina will be nailed to the wall!

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