Game Game Mr. Bean in a Panic online


Game Game Mr. Bean in a Panic online.

Mr. Bean's every day is filled with fun and folly. In the game "Mr. Bean in Panic," our uncle goes shopping. Knowing him, one can already expect that even such an uncomplicated matter will not go quietly. Now, you will go to the local supermarket to shop for a whole week and not to go shopping every day. Mr. Bean had already taken the cart and headed for the counters. You must help the helpless Mr. to make the necessary purchases amid the abundance of goods on the shelves. In the upper left corner there will be a shopping list that you must follow. But remember that with every product taken, Mr. Bean will panic and run faster. Therefore, you need to be quicker and faster in order to be in time. See do not make a mistake, because you will have only three chances for a mistake. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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