Game Squirrel and Arrow: Mischievous Mosaic online


Game Squirrel and Arrow: Mischievous Mosaic online.

A puppy named Rex is the smartest in the family. Most of all, Rex loves to put together various mosaics, puzzles and other puzzles. But today's mosaic is beyond the power of even the clever Rex, who until today could put any picture from small pieces. In the game, your task will be to help the Rex puppy to put together this not usually difficult mosaic. To do this, you need to move the pieces of the mosaic to the right places, so that as a result you get the whole picture. If you get confused and don’t know which picture should turn out, you can use a hint that will show you the already folded picture. The main thing that will help you cope with the task is a good ingenuity and your attentiveness, which will help you find the smallest clue for folding a mischievous mosaic.

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