Game Squirrel and Arrow: Space Flight online


Game Squirrel and Arrow: Space Flight online.

The astronaut dogs Squirrel and Strelka were again sent into space to perform a very difficult task. But it did not happen foreseeably and their spaceship fell into a cloud of asteroids that could not smash their ship into small pieces. Now it all depends on you! You must gather strength and take the spaceship out of the cloud of asteroids. To do this, you need to take control of the ship. Move very carefully, because there will be many flying asteroids around that can destroy your ship. If you see that a large asteroid is flying on your ship, do not be afraid, because you have a weapon that can destroy it. Do not waste a single minute, try to destroy all asteroids so that the path home is clean, and Belka and Strelka could return home, where they are waiting for small puppies.

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