Game Game Squirrel and Arrow: Postcard online


Game Game Squirrel and Arrow: Postcard online.

In this funny gear, three puppies Dean, bagel and Rex are ready to decorate you with a card for any occasion. After all, a handmade gift is the best. Just on the eve of the New Year holidays, you can congratulate relatives and friends with an original postcard. Puppies have already prepared all the essentials that you may need to create the most beautiful and unusual postcard. The first step in the game is to write a congratulatory text, the number of letters will not be limited, so you can write anything you want. When the text for the card is ready, select the fill of any color and the most beautiful picture with the heroes of Squirrel and Arrow. After a beautiful, fill out the text by choosing a special color and font for it. When the whole card is ready, you just need to print the card on your computer and pick it up to your loved ones.

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