Game Squirrel and Arrow: Fish Race online


Game Squirrel and Arrow: Fish Race online.

In today's game you will have the opportunity to get to know one of the main characters of the Mischievous Family - a puppy named Bagel. You all know him as a little bully who gets into awkward situations all the time. So today’s sunny day was no exception. Bagel decided to go to the river to go fishing. Taking her father’s fishing rod, she sat on the bridge and began to say, "Catch a big and small fish." At first, the Bagel puppy was not lucky, but suddenly a huge fish appeared from the water, which swallowed the Bagel bait and can not do anything. Oh, how delighted Bagel, because it was his first fish, which he caught. But suddenly the fish got angry that they disturbed her and began to swim back into the river. Poor Bagel did not know what to do, because the hook was inside the fish, and the fishing rod was in his hands. And at one point, Bagel was on a big fish, which tried her best to get rid of the puppy. In the game you must help Bagel get ashore safe and sound. Therefore, you need to pack up and very carefully control the fish so that it cannot swim under water and does not run into any pebble. Also along the way you need to collect various bonuses in the form of stars and sweets. The most important thing is to win the fish race and not fall into the traps that will be located throughout the river.

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