Game Game Squirrel and Arrow: Labyrinth online


Game Game Squirrel and Arrow: Labyrinth online.

Puppies Dina, Rex and Bagel played hide and seek in a training camp for astronauts and got lost. Now the puppies are very scared, because they do not know who is where and how to get out of this strange maze. If you do not want the puppies to cry and be scared, help and find a way out of the maze. To do this, you need to take puppies from this strange place in turn. And so first you need to help Bagel, although he is a bully, he is very afraid of the dark. Control your puppy so that he can find a way out as quickly as possible. To remove the obstacle from the path, you need to find speeches and start at it, only then the obstacle will disappear, and the puppy can find a way out. After the Bagel gets out of the labyrinth, quickly try to help the dog Dinah, because she is a girl and is very afraid of such places. When you bring all the puppy out, he will be very grateful to you for the help you provided.

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