Game Dinosaur Train: Triathlon online


Game Dinosaur Train: Triathlon online.

Hurrah! Today in the prehistoric world will be held new competitions. All dinosaurs will gather in the valley to look at the next test. In the Dinosaur Train: Triathlon game, you will help the Golden Claw team win the triathlon. The Golden Claw team consists of herbivorous dinosaurs. They want to defeat a team of predators to show them all the power and ingenuity of herbivorous dinosaurs. Triathlon is triathlon, namely three types of competitions in one. On the first test, you have to choose the smallest dinosaur to run through several tiny caves. In the second round, you will need a dinosaur that could run under the arches. Well, for the last stage you need the largest and most powerful dinosaur, which could easily cross stone mounds. These are simple rules, but very funny competitions. Have a good game!

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