Game Game Baddy Fifteen online


Game Game Baddy Fifteen online.

The small orange tyrannosaurus Buddy was adopted by a family of pterandons. He constantly noticed that he was completely different from the rest of the family. This made him think and he realized that there was a whole world around him, full of dinosaurs of various kinds. It was at this point that Buddy decided to study all kinds of dinosaurs that exist on the planet. Every day he learned more and more. Once Buddy began to make sketches and he had his own small collection of drawings. In the game "Baddy Fifteen", you will add beautiful and bright pictures of dinosaurs. At your disposal will be six pictures with different dinosaurs. All you need is to swap picture elements. Just a little effort and before you will be a whole collection of tag with the image of the ancient inhabitants of the prehistoric world. Have a good game!

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