Game Conductor Memory Training online


Game Conductor Memory Training online.

And now, friends, we will ride on the famous dinosaur train. Ahead of us are incredible landscapes of the prehistoric world. But the company will make us a permanent train conductor named Sonny. This virtuoso dinosaur knows everything about the Mesozoic period and will take you on a guided tour with great pleasure. In the game "Memory Training with the Conductor", you will study the diversity of creatures of the prehistoric world. To do this, you will go to a large lake, on the ocean and in the garden of baby Taini. There will be a lot of hitherto unknown plants and organisms. The most amazing thing is that you will be given a great opportunity to see it all with your own eyes. But there are more surprises for today. In order to better remember all the creatures seen, you have to look for paired cards with the same images. When all the cards are found, a beautiful picture awaits you behind them with the image of the cute characters of the cartoon "Dinosaur Train". Have a good game!

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