Game Game Dinosaur Footprints online


Game Game Dinosaur Footprints online.

Buddy, Tyney and Tank set off on a dinosaur train ride. They rode for a long time and arrived at one beautiful place. The guys were off the coast of the prehistoric ocean. At that moment, a great idea came to Buddy's head. Who, if not you and I, should know which Buddy is an inventor and a dreamer. So, this time the tyrannosaurus invited his comrades to play with footprints in the sand. In the game "Dinosaur Tracks" you will find a small task that will determine the level of your logic and observation. Before you will be a chain of tracks and three kids. You must guess whose footprints should be from scratch. Taini has the smallest paws and therefore tiny traces will belong to her. The average size of the paws is Buddy and, accordingly, his tracks will be of medium size. But Tank is the proud owner of large and strong legs, which means that only our blue triceratops can leave the largest traces. Take this information into service and get started. Have a good game!

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