Game Game Pass Bump online


Game Game Pass Bump online.

Dinosaurs have no time to be bored. Every day it goes like a holiday. Either a triathlon, then a river race, then an opening ceremony. In a word, they are always having fun. But today, dinosaurs hold a Mesozoic coneball tournament, which means that today there will be something to see. But in our case, what to play. In the game Pass Pass, you will help Buddy make a touchdown and earn points for his team called Golden Claw. To do this, you need to carefully listen to the dad of the pterandon and he will tell you how to play correctly in order to earn good points. So, first you have to throw the bump to the nearest player. Further, the game will gradually become more complicated and you will have to make a pass to the player who will be further than all the others. Then the rules will change and you have to make a pass to your player, who will be closest to the opponent, and then the second from the tyrannosaurus Buddy. Here is such an entertaining game will be held in the world of the inhabitants of the cartoon "Dinosaur Train". Good luck

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