Game Game Pterandons Fishing online


Game Game Pterandons Fishing online.

Today is one of the sunniest and most beautiful days. Rays brightly illuminate the valleys and all living things reach for the sun. On such a day, it is simply impossible to sit at home in a cave and not go for a walk. This is the family of pterandons and decided to spend this day both cheerfully and with benefit. The head of the family took his children to a pond to go fishing a little. Buddy, along with the twins Taini and Shayni, are ready to work as a team, then enjoy a tasty and fresh fish. In the game "Pterandons on Fishing", you will be one of the members of the dinosaur team - fishermen. On the ledge at the edge of the pond will be a small buddy tyrannosaurus. He will watch the fish and as soon as one of the fish pops up, you should click on it. Then Buddy will give Shiny a sign and she will dive for prey. Working in a team with relatives and friends is much more fun than doing it alone. Is not it? Good game!

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