Game Game How Big Are You? online


Game Game How Big Are You? online.

Guys, now it's time to have some fun. What kinds of dinosaurs do you know? There are a lot of them, right? But in the game "How Big Are You? "we'll talk about the size of dinosaurs. The conductor Sonny will play with you. He will ask you questions and show pictures. For example, Sonny will ask how many dogs will be the same length as a stegosaurus or tyrannosaurus, and your task is to choose the right number in the list of options in the left block of the game. This is how every day, together with the train conductor, is a fun and exciting dinosaur. And all because, in addition to the usual travels among different territories of the Mesozoic era, you can go back millions of years and see firsthand the incredible prehistoric world. This is so amazing! But the most important thing is that together with you will be a professional conductor named Sonny. Sometimes it seems that he knows everything in the world and you will have something to learn from him. And now we all get on the dinosaur train and go ahead and play!

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