Game Game Opening Ceremony online


Game Game Opening Ceremony online.

Enchanting events will take place in the Mesozoic today. This day will be the opening ceremony of the Jurassic period. This is a big step forward and all dinosaurs want to worthily and interestingly note this grand event. In the game "Opening Ceremony", you can have fun and at the same time have a good look at your brain. After all, ahead of you are waiting for a lot of useful contests and tasks from the protagonist of the animated film "Dinosaur Train" of the tyrannosaurus Buddy. So, you will face two teams. The first team will compete under the ensign "Prehistoric Predators", and the name of the second will be "Golden Claw". As soon as you familiarize yourself with the teams, the fun begins here. Little Buddy will start giving you small, but very entertaining tasks. First you will need to find the smallest dinosaurs, then all the winged, all the carnivores or herbivores. And also, all dinosaurs that stand on two legs or even have an orange color and a long neck. This game will help to enhance your knowledge in the field of paleontology and the English language, which is also very useful. Have a good game!

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