Game Game River Race online


Game Game River Race online.

Gigantic mountains, raging rivers and outlandish nature. What is not there in this truly magnificent Mesozoic era. Now we will board a dinosaur train and travel millions of years ago, where we will meet our old dinosaur friends. You will be greeted by Pterandon Don and the tyrannosaurus Buddy. These children do not like silence and calm and therefore constantly invent various pranks and adventures. This time the dinosaurs decided to arrange a real river race. They built two strong wooden rafts from fallen trees and a couple of oars. At first glance, everything looked very strong, which in the end turned out to be. Now dinosaurs are fully equipped and ready for a swim. In the game "River Race" you do not need to rush at full speed, overtake the opponent and be the first to cross the finish line. No! All you have to do is hunt insects. You must catch the maximum number of bugs, bees and butterflies to win. Whoever collects more will win. In the game "River Race", you can play alone or as a couple with a good friend. Have a good game!

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