Game Game Buddy by the Window online


Game Game Buddy by the Window online.

Today, Buddy goes on another trip by dinosaur train. He will travel throughout the Mesozoic period and enjoy the delightful nature and variety of dinosaurs of all kinds. By the way, we would like to recall that a small tyrannosaurus dreams of exploring all kinds of dinosaurs on the planet. And it is precisely during today's journey that he wants to study some of them. In the game "Buddy at the Window", you will help your little friend to search for certain creatures. You will watch from the window into the green jungle, where dinosaur life is in full swing. Outside the window, the most varied dinosaurs will slowly pass or fly. But we need to find only those that are on the poster in the right corner of the game. This game will give you not only a lot of vivid impressions, but also help to better understand dinosaurs. After all, it is so interesting to see one of the oldest inhabitants of the Earth. Ahead of you are waiting for forestotosaurs, diplodocus, stegosaurs, tsimolests, chirostenotes, Argentinosaurs, archeopteryx and avisaurs. Ready to meet them? Then go ahead!

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