Game Game Dinosaur Train: Balance online


Game Game Dinosaur Train: Balance online.

Another trip on a dinosaur train brought us to the Jurassic period. It was at this moment, there were new competitions between dinosaurs of different periods. What a blessing, that it was on this day that you were lucky enough to get there. In the game "Dinosaur Train: Balance" you have one of the most fun tasks. Have you ever pulled a rope? But that’s what you’ll do now. On the right side of the rope I will hold your opponents, but your team will be on the left. But it’s not so simple. Between the teams there will be a pit in which a hungry dinosaur will sit. Your task is to feed him with leaves that will hang in the central part of the rope. The bottom line is that in order to win you need to correctly calculate the weight of the enemy and put the dinosaurs of your team in a certain weight category. At your disposal will be eight dinosaurs of different sizes and different weights. You just have to experiment a little and you will succeed. Enjoy the game, young athletes!

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