Game Game Dinosaur Train: Fleppy online


Game Game Dinosaur Train: Fleppy online.

In the game "Dinosaur Train: Fleppy", you will again meet with a fun family of pteranodons, or rather, with the younger ones. The naughty twins Taini and Shayni together with the adoptive tyrannosaurus Buddy set off to conquer the heavenly expanses. Just as Tayni and Shayni have wings, it will be simple for them, but with Buddy things are completely different. Buddy is a tyrannosaurus, and this species of dinosaurs is absolutely terrestrial. But the kids easily solved this seemingly overwhelming task. Pteranodons took Buddy by the arms and soared into the sky. So Buddy is already flying, and the rest is up to you. You must help the dinosaurs balance in the air. Beware of stones, palm trees and dinosaurs, because if you come across them, you will lose health. An exciting and incredible flight awaits you ahead. Have a good game!

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