Game Therapist Backyard Game online


Game Therapist Backyard Game online.

Welcome to the fabulous world of paleontology. This time, the dinosaur train brought us to the most beautiful place, called "Backyard Therapods." Ahead you will find an interesting and informative acquaintance with a paleontologist Dr. Scott Sampson. He received a doctorate in zoology and paleontology. He is also the author of many popular articles and publications on paleontology in his field. In the game "Backyard Therapist" you have to get acquainted with many ancient birds with Dr. Scott. Before you will be four pictures depicting the habitats of a bird. You have to find out and figure out where and which bird lives. First you need to draw a bird. To do this, you must enable the recording and then you can see the image of the bird. And then the time will come to find out or guess where it lives. Enjoy the game, little explorers!

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