Game Dinosaur Dive Game online


Game Dinosaur Dive Game online.

Today you are waiting for a very interesting experiment. Conductor Sonny and Pope Pterandon will clearly show us the law of Archimedes. In order not to delve into abstruse scientific terminology, we’d better take a look and play an entertaining game called “Dinosaur Dive”. You will have a moat with water and eight curious dinosaurs. Dinosaurs will be divided into groups: two will be under the mark six, four will be under the four, and the two smallest will be under the deuce. Papa pterandon will tell you that a body or object immersed in water sets in motion a buoyancy force, which in turn raises the water level, which is equal to the weight of the body. You should carefully observe the marks that conductor Sonny and dad pterandon will make. After all, you have to immerse one or more dinosaurs to raise the water to the desired level. This game will give you not only positive emotions, but will also be very useful for your overall development. Have a good game!

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