Game Adventure Game Buddy in the Labyrinth online


Game Adventure Game Buddy in the Labyrinth online.

The very young Buddy tyrannosaurus is constantly striving for everything new, unknown and interesting. One day he accidentally fell into the family of pterandons and they adopted him. It was there that he began to be brought up together with pterandons - twins Taini and Shayni. From that moment, Buddy's life gained vivid colors and unforgettable events. And just then, Buddy decided to thoroughly get down to work and study all kinds of dinosaurs on the planet. Due to his curiosity and natural friendliness, Buddy is always trying to help everyone who is in trouble. In the game "The Adventures of Buddy in the Labyrinth", your character will be an orange tyrannosaurus. Together with him you will wander through the mazes. And all due to the fact that one of the dinosaurs got lost there and is afraid not to catch the award ceremony in the abode of his native tribe. You should find the dinosaur, and then with it find the way to the exit. You are ready? Our amazing adventures begin! Have a nice game and good mood!

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