Game Game Flight Baddy online


Game Game Flight Baddy online.

So we met again with little pranksters from the Mesozoic. Little Don and Tiny decided to fulfill their brother Buddy's long-standing dream. The little tyrannosaurus has long dreamed of learning to fly. He wants to soar into the sky and soar among the clouds, like his entire foster family. But alas ... Although in life there is nothing impossible and everything can happen. In the game "Flight of Buddy", you will help Buddy during his first flight. Also, Bon and Tiny will help him. The little pterandons will take the little brother by the arms and lift them up to the sky. To make the first flight even more interesting and memorable, dinosaurs will collect shells. Help the kids collect as many shells as possible. But be extremely careful and try to stay away from stones. If Buddy stumbles upon a stone mound, then he will drop one of the collected shells. But if during the flight you lower the baby down and he hooks his tail on the bush, then he will be tickled, but there is nothing to worry about. Are you ready to make the first and most unforgettable flight in the life of a small dreamy dinosaur? Have a nice flight!

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