Game Dinosaur Train: Watering Hole online


Game Dinosaur Train: Watering Hole online.

Something has recently become very hot and all dinosaurs began to walk very often to the waterfall. This is where their main watering hole is located. And this is not surprising, because this waterfall has the coolest and tastiest water, which instantly quenches any, even the most desiccating thirst. In the game "Dinosaur Train: Watering Hole", you will help the dinosaurs pour water in the pits and thus give them the opportunity to quench their thirst on this hot day. For this, you will have at your disposal several shells from dinosaur eggs. The babies have long hatched, but the shell could come in handy. To drink dinosaurs you need to determine who needs how much water. To do this, you will have to pour the largest dinosaur from the largest shell, but the smallest - from the smallest. Everything is extremely simple, but it’s very fun. Have a good game!

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