Game The Hungry Triceratops Game online


Game The Hungry Triceratops Game online.

It's time to have dinner! All dinosaurs are already hungry and hungry. In the game "Hungry Triceratops" we have to feed the baby dinosaur. Do you know what Triceratops eat? This type of dinosaur belongs to herbivores. This means that they love vegetation: leaves, grass and everything green and tasty. Here we are now and we will help the blue baby named Track find some juicy and delicious leaflets. But for this you will have to work hard, because there will be a lot of relatives around who are already having lunch. Try to get around them and not face head-on with chewing triceratops. You have to go from bush to bush and eat tasty grass for both cheeks. But it is worth remembering that in this delightful world of dinosaurs live not only cute herbivorous iguanodons and platypuses, but also carnivorous tyrannosaurs who are not averse to feasting on the meat of their harmless relatives. As soon as you hear that a tyrannosaurus is approaching Track, you need to urgently take his legs away from him and run to other triceratops. When you feel that the danger has passed, you can safely continue the meal. Have a good game!

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