Game Dinosaur Train: Hidden Object online


Game Dinosaur Train: Hidden Object online.

Do you want to try yourself as a real detective? Then, the Dinosaur Train: Item Search game is for you. Your journey will begin right on the dinosaur train, because this is not an ordinary train, but an intertemporal one. It can transport you through millions of years and you will return to the past from the present. To test your search skills, you will find yourself in three different places: on the big scary lake, on the seabed and on the North Pole. There you have to find hidden objects that the cunning conductor hid away from prying eyes. But is it really such a problem for such a cool professional? We are just sure not. So, let's begin. As soon as you find yourself in one of the aforementioned places, then immediately take a good look around. Around you are waiting for a lot of interesting things. But you should not admire it for a very long time, otherwise we will forget why we came here. In the lower block of the game will be objects that need to be found in the pictures. Take a closer look at them and start your search. Ready? Go!

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