Game Dino Dash Game online


Game Dino Dash Game online.

Meet Orney and Ollie. They are one of the most restless and fastest dinosaurs in the Ornithomim tribe. They have strong legs, long necks and sharp claws. In the game "Dino Dash" this couple of nimble little brothers decided to compete and find out which of them is the fastest. It was decided to arrange a race. Are you ready to help one of the dinosaurs win? Then, we begin! First of all, you need to choose the orintom that you will play. Well, then the fun begins! Ahead of you is a long track with a lot of obstacles. You will constantly come across bushes, mud, or muddy puddles. Be extremely careful. Try to collect all the food along the way, because if your dinosaur is hungry, then he will not be able to overtake his brother. To become the only and undisputed winner and true champion of the tribe, you need to be the first to overcome the track in all three races. Ready? Forward! This time the dinosaur train brought you and me to a very interesting and unusual place. Is not it?

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