Game Game Air Show online


Game Game Air Show online.

Today, all the heroes of the cartoon "Dinosaur Train" is waiting for the most incredible and exciting event. Today, dinosaurs will participate in an enchanting air show. Many spectators came to watch the show and cheer on their friends. A huge number of dinosaurs gathered behind the stands. Our little friend Buddy came to support a family of pterandons who would be one of the first to open shows and make demonstration flights. In the game "Air Show", you will help the pterandon team win. It will not be easy, because rivals will be worthy flying dinosaurs. So, let's get acquainted with the rules of air competitions. Your rivals will be the first, and you will be the second. To win you need to fly further than the opponent. To do this, you must select one of the acceleration boards on the platform and fly to the specified point at the finish. All teams want to win, but we know which team is the strongest!

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